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Three independently developed fringe packet tracking algorithms can be used to equalise the optical path lengths at the interferometer. Edu rmillang rmg pubs. Third telescope project at the IOTA interferometer Proceedings of SPIE The third telescope project to enable phase closure observations at the IOTA interferometer is well underway is anticipated to be completed later this year.
Iota interferometer. The IOTA collectors are 45 cm in diameter may be moved to various stations in an L shaped configuration. 1995 IOTA Technical Report available on the world wide web at phast.
Hopkins near Tucson Arizona. 45 m telescopes baselines of up to 38 m; a third telescope will be installed in 1998 three beam combination will be implemented in 1999. First Surface resolved Results with the IOTA Imaging Interferometer. IOTA began with an agreement in 1988 among five Institutions the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Harvard University, the University of Wyoming, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory to build a.
Whipple Observatory on Mt. The aim of this real time system is to minimize the optical path differenceOPD) fluctuations between the two beams such that interference fringesobtained in J L band) can always be.

Fringe tracking at the IOTA interferometer SPIE Digital Library We describe the fringe packet tracking software installed at the infrared optical telescope arrayIOTA. We compare the performance of these three algorithms and show results obtained. Current status of the IOTA interferometer Proceedings The first two telescopes of the Infrared Optical Telescope ArrayIOTA) project are now in place and yielding data at the Smithsonian Institution s F. Recent results from the IOTA interferometer ResearchGate The IOTA interferometer has been in scheduled operation since 1995 with two 0. Jul 7 Abstract: We have measured non zero closure phases for about 29% of our sample of 56 nearby Asymptotic Giant BranchAGB) stars, using the 3 telescope Infrared Optical Telescope ArrayIOTA) interferometer at near infrared wavelengthsH band) with angular resolutions in the range 5 10 Infrared Optical Telescope Array Wikipedia The Infrared Optical Telescope ArrayIOTA) was a stellar interferometer array. For this project including a new VxWorks control system, we present the main technical improvements which we have already made , expect to make improved.

We currently have three major detection systems built around a CCD the. Fringe tracking experiments at the IOTA interferometer The first tests of an infrared fringe tracker prototype for the IOTA interferometerMount Hopkins, Arizona) were carried out during 1999.
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A NICMOS3 Camera for Fringe Detection at the IOTA Interferometer All rights reserved. A NICMOS3 Camera for Fringe Detection at the IOTA Interferometer.

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MILLAN GABET AND F. Physics and Astronomy Department, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003; phast. IOTA Home Page Team and Contacts Education and Public Outreach News and Publications Links On IOTA s closing Pictures of deconstruction.

IOTA results presented in CfA press release.

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Contact Peter Schuller harvard. Last technology and results from the IOTA interferometer The infrared optical telescope arrayIOTA, one of the most productive interferometers in term of science and new technologies was decommissioned in summer.

We discuss the testing of a low resolution spectrograph coupled with the IOTA 3T integrated optics beam combiner and some of the scientific results.